A shelf full of Yarn


yarn 1Greetings,

It has been a while since I blogged but Xmas shopping and lots of other life style things took my time away, and so my blog had to wait, until now, where things are almost back to normal. I cannot believe that 2015 is here already, where did 2014 go so quickly, time seems to be more noticeable when one gets older. I hope you all had a good Xmas and New Year, mine was quiet spent with hubby and scruffy dog, but it was quality time and we had fun. One of the most surprising gifts I received was from hubby and imagine my face when I opened a large box full of yarn ! At this point I will say that I am very lucky to have him as he is very tolerant of my never-ending passions for art and craft,  and as he knows nothing about yarn at all, did quite a bit of research to find out what would be the best type to get for me. Well I was chuffed to bits because it was Stylecraft Special DK and although I had read plenty about it, but not used any to date. I quickly knocked up a little granny square (yes I have mastered those now) and fell in love straight away. The one thing I noticed  was that I could see my stitches very clearly, and the quality was so much better than some I have been using, and wonderfully soft too, so once I have made a dent in the current stash I shall definitely be buying more. The picture above shows my collection with Stylecraft on the top shelf with a few balls of Merrino , the bottom shelf has some Robin Yarn which I am not too keen on, Paintbox which I love and a cheaper range from Patons , plus a few balls of Crochet Cotton which I have yet to explore. As to projects that I will come to in my next post.


First Post



Welcome to my new blog for learning to Crochet and as a beginner have been doing it for about a month or so and admit to be completely hooked on it. So in this short space of time what have I learnt so far, quite a bit really. Firstly there is quite a difference between US and UK crochet terminology, so notebook in hand I am making notes and jotting things down so I can find it all in one place without going through lots of different books. As to stitches, I have mastered the double crochet, treble, half treble, slip stitch and the magic ring, but when it comes to working in the round which is something I really want to, I do struggle a bit with how many stitches I need for increasing the rounds. I have so far successfully managed to get to the third round without too much trouble but going into the fourth I am starting to get little curl like flowers round the edges lol not right I know but I will get there. I seem to understand stitch graphs better than I do the written pattern , but one does not work without the other…I think it is the terminology in brackets that throws me a bit. I am also ashamed to admit that it took me a while to understand granny squares and I don’t think I have got it quite right even now, having said that in my defence I do have a problem reading and looking at repetitive patterns/words/things leaving me a tad confused ! I remind myself that patience is a virtue and that there is no time limit on this. Also tension is quite important in some projects, and that some yarns even if they are both DK will have a different tension, if that makes sense. That I learnt from the project that I am working on now which is a simple blanket for my pooch Blue, and have chosen to do it in multi-coloured squares of 25 stiches and 14 rows, using some yarn that I bought from a little shop trader. It is not the most expensive yarn but crochets up beautifully, however a few days ago I went to a larger trader and bought some balls of the PaintBox range which I fell in love with straight away, lovely strands of multi-coloured yarn sent my eyes a whirling away. However on crocheting one square up for the blanket I soon realised that for this yarn I would need more than the 25 stitches to bring it to the same size as the others. A lesson well learnt count your stitches and that is now something I do all the time. So quite a bit for this first post really and I imagine there will be plenty more to come.